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Inside our doors you will be greeted with a peaceful, friendly, fun environment where highly qualified instructors, who sincerely care about helping you feel and become your BEST YOU ever, are always ready with a smile, encouragement and programming suited to your individual needs and goals.

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Please take a moment to explore our website – we believe you will be pleasantly surprised by the diversity, yet focus of our programming. Private or group, mat or equipment, young or mature, injured or athlete, male or female – there is a space in our studio for you.

Are you ready to MOVE from the inside out, toward a healthier, happier YOU in body, mind and spirit? Come on in, say hello, check things out and let us help you today to achieve a stronger, healthier and happier tomorrow!

Our Team

Tanya Rouble

Studio Owner and Co-ordinator
Manual Rehabilitative Therapist

Colleen Chilvers

Certified Pilates Instructor
Specialty: Aging with Ease through Active Movement

Susan Gasiorek

Certified Yoga & Total Barre Instructor
Certified Essentrics Instructor: Level 1
Specialty: Mindful Movement

Heather Lee Reid

Certified Pilates Instructor
Spine to Spine
Pelvic Floor Restoration
Conditioning: Surgical and Injury Recovery
Specialty: Equestrian – Rider Fitness


If you’ve “tried everything” to no avail, then YOU are exactly who we are looking for. Call us to get on the road to eliminating back, neck or joint pain.

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“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” – Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates developed the Pilates method of movement in the 1920’s and it has never been so well-received as it is today. Well known for its head-to-toe (brain included) exercise regime, Pilates has been successful in restoring life in the old, building up confidence in the young, healing injuries and challenging the already fit. With its gentle, smooth approach to fitness, grounded in learning to breathe well, release tension and move better, Pilates is a must-try for anyone who wants to feel their best.

Develop a Strong Core

At the center of your body, lives the “core” – a whole bunch of muscles that support the spine and pelvis. These include the deep abdominal muscles as well as those closest to the spine. When we pay attention to and integrate not only our “abs”, but our entire trunk, our hips and our shoulders we can tap into the very best ways to move throughout our day, our sport, and our lives. Who’da thought the “core” was more than just our abs? Us! That’s who.

Build Long, Lean Muscles while Improving Flexibility

No bulky stuff here! With Pilates the goal is to elongate muscles while building strength. Why is this important as well as better than conventional weight training? First off, elongated muscles have less tightness, move easier and are less prone to injury. This means joints move about more freely, leading to ache-free, pain-free days and nights. The result is a strong, flexible body that is less likely to be injured.

 Understand Not Only How To Move, But How YOU Move

One of the things we hear time and time again is “I can’t think about anything else except Pilates while I’m in the studio!” Ain’t that the truth! Pilates has a wonderful way of keeping you centered and in the moment. Each exercise trains several muscle groups at once while integrating breath patterns with smooth, continuous movements. You will find yourself focussed and alert every session, learning new ways to move that are safer, more efficient and invaluable for injury recovery, good posture, daily living and even sports performance.

Ease General Aches and Pains

Oftentimes the root of ongoing aches and pains has to do with lack of movement. It makes sense that when we are sore or achy, the last thing we want to do is move. But crazy as it sounds, this is more than likely exactly what your body needs.

Pilates can ease your aches and pains in a safe, subtle way leaving no joint or muscle untouched. Your stiff spots will be encouraged to soften, your joints will be taken through their range and your muscles will be warmed up and used to the best of their ability. This is definitely a gotta-try-it-to-believe-it kind of situation, but we will say this – more often than not we receive feedback from our clients about how they now wake up without stiffness or sit without back pain or no longer suffer after gardening … and so on … and so on …