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You and Your Pelvic Floor – We all have one, so let’s talk about it!

Inside your pelvis live a group of muscles that can be consciously controlled and therefore trained, much like the muscles of your legs, arms or tummy. These muscles are called your Pelvic Floor. Their job is to actively help support your bladder, bowel and other internal organs. Like other muscles in your body, your pelvic floor muscles require attention if they aren’t working properly. Therefore, a regular exercise program that strengthens and stretches these muscles is key to reducing the likelihood of accidental leaks from the bladder or bowel. This is important for both men and women.

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The Benefits of Pelvic Floor Exercises – Muscle is muscle, no matter where it is located!

  • improve bladder and bowel controlButterfly - Pelvic Floor Exercise - Pilates Essentials Plus
  • reduce the risk of prolapse
  • in women, this may be felt as a bulge in the vagina or a feeling of heaviness, discomfort, pulling, dragging or dropping
  • in men, this may be felt as a bulge in the rectum or a feeling of needing to use their bowels, but not actually needing to go
  •  improve recovery from childbirth and gynaecological surgery (in women)
  • decrease pelvic pain
  • improve recovery after prostate surgery (in men)
  • increase sexual sensation and orgasmic potential, and
  • increase social confidence and quality of life

How We Can Help – Most importantly we will remind you that
you are not alone and there IS hope.

Before beginning a pelvic floor muscle training program, it is important that you understand where your pelvic floor muscles are, what they do and how to find them (i.e. what they “feel like” when they are contracted and relaxed). Our Pelvic Health program will assist you with all of this. We are proud to provide non-surgical solutions that both prevent and treat various forms of pelvic floor dysfunction.

  • our two-hour workshops offer a safe, comfortable environment to learn ways to prevent and deal with incontinence, organ prolapse and other pelvic floor issues
  • we offer ongoing group classes dedicated to pelvic floor awareness and strength
  • for anyone hesitant to attend in a group setting, we offer private one-on-one sessions dedicated to pelvic floor muscle training

We will help you identify your pelvic floor muscles, give you confidence in performing your home exercises and/or stretches correctly and provide you a comfortable, safe and understanding setting in which to discuss and ask questions about your pelvic floor.


I found Tanya Rouble’s Pilates for the Pelvic Floor Workshop a truly valuable experience! Tanya is not only extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter but is also able to convey intricate physiological information in a manner everyone can understand and relate to. The group atmosphere was comfortable and supportive…I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone experiencing issues relating to the pelvic area or even just to educate yourself.

Shari H

The Pelvic Health/Pfilates workshop was very informative about how the pelvic floor works and why it is important to strengthen those muscles. The workshop taught several easy exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor. The workshop was helpful to me while pregnant and I have not had any problems with bladder control during pregnancy or after labour as a result of incorporating these exercises into my regular exercise routine.

Krysta C. (new Mom)

I have a spinal condition caused by an extra sacral vertebrae that puts upward pressure on my spinal nerves and had begun to have small residuals as this condition eventually causes incontinence. I have them no more! Also, I have almost constant nausea from same condition due to pressure on the nerves to my diaphragm. Drugs do not help, but these exercises are strengthening my core and now even that is slightly better. Your healing is appreciated!!

Carol M.