Tanya Rouble- Owner/Instructor

Welcome to Pilates Essentials Plus! My name is Tanya Rouble and I am the owner of this little corner of the world. The studio, as it stands today, has been over a decade in the making and a labor of love that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

As a kid, if you would have told me that I would be doing what I am doing right now, I would have not only had no idea what a Pilates instructor was, but I would have also said “No way! I’m going to be a doctor or a pilot or a marine biologist.” Yes! These were the professions I once aspired to. However, after being the “chubby” kid all through high school and into University, I finally made the plunge in my third year at McMaster University to start exercising regularly and with purpose. It was 1992. I wasn’t healthy, I didn’t feel good – inside or out – and I knew it was up to ME if change was going to take place. So, with great fear, I attended my very first aerobics class at Mac and I will never forget my instructor. She was a tiny, firecracker of a thing and she took us through a workout that left a gymnasium-sized room in a sweat that felt like a sauna. She left us sweaty, tired and challenged, but also happy and at the end of the hour, people were talking to each other who had simply stared past one another upon first arrival. It was a feeling that we were all “in this together”. She was fantastic and what struck me the most was that she was NOT thin! She was healthy. She was FIT. It was this first experience of how good it felt to exercise, how a group class can feel like a community, how sweating and working hard can leave you feeling confident and alive, that prompted me to set the goal of being that instructor and helping others experience what I just had.

And so began my fitness industry journey. First I became a Certified Group Exercise Instructor and lead classes at my local Y, as well as a private gym. Then, it just seemed natural to begin leading clients through workouts I designed for their unique needs and goals – so I gained my Personal Training Certification allowing me to safely train privately as well. From there, I just kept reaching higher, trying to involve as many people as I could. I spent over 10 years developing and instructing group classes for Older Adults in a community setting, I collaborated with local hospitals to provide educational seminars at wellness days and board meetings, I spoke to weight loss groups about where I once was and how I got to where I was, I teamed up with local health care providers so they would know what was available in the community to their clients and patients to encourage a healthy lifestyle. I was a traveling fitness class and personal trainer, willing to spread the word about the benefits of exercise to anyone who would listen!

Then came an amazing opportunity – I was offered the chance to work with patients in a physiotherapy clinic, guiding them through exercise programming for their specific injuries. I jumped at this chance and while it was on a very part-time basis, I came to understand how important movement can be for people dealing with chronic pain, injury or recovery from surgery. Not only this, but I was fortunate enough to also be given the chance to learn from some very well-known, highly recommended physiotherapists. It was within this setting that I was first introduced to Pilates, what it was and how it could assist people in their recovery. I became obsessed. Between the years of 2002 and 2003, I trained through two different organizations and came out the other side as a Certified Stott Pilates Instructor. I began incorporating Pilates foundations in my Personal Training sessions and Group Exercise classes. Pilates was more often than not, the groundwork upon which I trained all who saw me. So, it was a natural progression that I would slowly leave the gym setting and the aerobic class arena, to focus in on – with a fury – the amazing world of Pilates.

From injury to athlete, from teen to senior, from men to women, this method of movement continues to provide and surprise me with the greatest moments of my working life. From a client who suddenly feels no back pain, to a golfer whose drive increases by 30 yards or more, to the smile coming from a woman in her 80’s who would have never believed she could get up from a chair without holding on – Pilates has thrown me into a world of possibilities and ingrained in me the confidence in the power of the human body to recover, realign and rebuild itself into something only the imagination can at first fathom.

This is why I teach Pilates. This is my journey to now. Yes, I have many credentials, certificates, and certifications. Yes, I have spoken at, and will continue to speak at, various organizations and gatherings, offering workshops, seminars and information sessions. I am dedicated to lifelong learning and community service, both within and outside of my studio. If you are reading this and would like a copy of my CV, please send me an email (tanya@pilatesessentialsplus.com) and I would be honored to send it along to you. But for the purpose of this little space on my website, I simply wanted to share a quick synopsis of where I came from and what I love to do.

Peace. Love. Pilates

Tanya Rouble, B.Sc.
Studio Owner

Passions: Pelvic Floor Health, Restorative Movement, Therapeutic Pilates

Happy Places: reading, hand-drumming, knitting, running and live music

TRAINING: A Condensed List …

  • Stott Pilates Certification: Mat, Reformer, Injuries and Special Populations
  • Certified Pfilates Instructor (Pelvic Floor Pilates)
  • Pfilates Instructor Trainer (Pelvic Floor Pilates)
  • Level 1 Thai Massage
  • TRX Group Suspension Training Certificate
  • TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Training Certificate
  • Merrithew Health & Fitness: Total Barre Instructor Certificate
  • Pilates for Buff Bones Licensed Instructor