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If you’ve “tried everything” to no avail, then
YOU are exactly who we are looking for ….

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to eliminating back, neck or joint pain.

Do you have ongoing aches or pains that just won’t subside?
Do you live with back or joint pain that hasn’t changed with other therapies?
Do other therapies only ease your pain for a short period of time?
Have you been told surgery is your only option or that you just have to “live with it”?
Are you frustrated by or depressed because of your joint or back pain?
Are you afraid to exercise because you might make things worse?
Have you “tried everything” and nothing has helped?

There is another option … our Therapeutic Programme!

We are confident that Therapeutic Pilates is the answer to finding, and maintaining, pain-­‐free living. And we admit – we are often the “last resort” in the chain of therapies chosen for pain. Yet, on that note, we can boast that we have heard “I wish I would have come to you years ago” spoken aloud more times than we can count.

Our approach is simple. We observe your posture, as well as how you walk, sit and move through space. There is great information hidden within these common tasks, telling us what muscles are tight, which ones are weak, where your body is overworking and what parts are simply not doing their job. From there we teach you how to move differently, sit properly and line up your bones they way they should be – tension free. As your body begins functioning as a whole, with spine, arms, legs and feet all working equally, an amazing thing happens – pain often subsides – even when there is an underlying condition such as a herniated disc or degenerating joint.

Take a look at the testimonials below sent in by some of our clients.

Questions? We would love to hear from you. Give us a call TODAY to find out more about our Therapeutic Programme. We look forward to being part of your health care team!



Back to life.

This is literally what Tanya has done for me…..gave me a quality life back.

I had the unfortunate incident of fracturing my ankle which required surgery and application of plate and screws. The surgery and lack of mobility left me with a loss in dorsiflexion in my right foot, limited movement in my ankle and an over all muscle imbalance. I had debilitating pain in my ankle, hip and back. I likened moving to being hit with a taser gun.

I had extensive physio for a year and a half, this gave me more flexibility, but walking more than a block with out being compromised was impossible. I sought out Tanya for help. I was frustrated , discouraged and in pain. She taught me to walk again, and step by step ….literally we were able to activate the muscles that had atrophied and I was able to regain strength and balance again. Any issue I encountered, Tanya listened and then worked with me for a solution.

She is amazing, she gets how the muscles work and how everything is connected and then she shows you how to make the correction and she does it all while making it fun!

I would highly recommend if you are struggling in any way from an injury, or if you want to be proactive give Tanya a call, you have nothing to lose and every thing to gain. What Tanya teaches is a wonderful adjunct to physio and massage and in combination it is the quickest road to recovery.

I will be forever grateful.

Tammy H, Registered Nurse


I have had a back problem for years. After one of the worst episodes to date, I happened to mention this to Tanya in passing and she told me that she thought she could help. I booked 5 private sessions and hoped for the best. I’m so glad I did!  She identified a problem with my posture and alignment that no one else had picked up on and it has changed everything. I could hardly move that first day.  Now with her help, daily exercises and stretching, I feel that I am definitely on the right path. Thanks Tanya!

Shelley Kerr


After 25 years as an instructor in the fitness industry I was introduced to the Pilates Reformer. Following a motor vehicle accident, in conjunction with other therapies, I began to work with Tanya to move my healing forward.  Not only did we strengthen areas injured in the accident, our training corrected postural problems which had been the source of my back pain for many years before my accident.  I rarely experience pain any longer and if I do, I now have the Pilates “tools” to reduce and eliminate the pain at the source.  Thank You Tanya!



Autoimmune issues, and a severe back injury left me in constant pain, and unable to stand in an upright position. The assistance of a cane was needed to walk , and a wheel chair was needed to get through a mall. I was on a long list for back surgery after spending over a year going to different clinics for a variety of therapies that didn’t work. At the suggestion of a friend, and although I was rather skeptical, I decided to bite the bullet and give pilates a try. After a few weeks of working with Tanya at Pilates Essentials Plus, I was amazed at the reduced back and joint pain, and improvement in mobility. Within a few months I was standing totally erect and soon after that I no longer needed the cane to walk. For the past 4 1/2 years, a twice a week studio regimen, of an upper and lower body workout , has kept me strong, flexible and in much less pain.  When I miss sessions, I feel the negative effects! I have found Tanya and her staff to be extremely caring, attentive,  and knowledgeable about the body and how it moves. Tanya and her staff are constantly updating themselves to give their clients the benefit of the best and most recent exercise research. For me, pilates is a wonderful form of exercise that has become my way of life.

Pat G


In 2010 I was in a serious car accident and sustained several orthopedic injuries throughout my body. I had undergone many therapies for pain management including physiotherapy, massage and chiropractic. I had a lot of discomfort and felt very fragile.

Pilates was recommended to me from one of my rehabilitation specialists. I can admit that I was apprehensive about starting as I had no idea what to expect.

For almost two years I attended private sessions three times per week with Tanya, and since then, the results have been amazing. My exercise program is fit for me and my specific needs. It is very easy on my body and has helped me with mobility, flexibility and most importantly getting my core stronger and gaining my confidence back.

Since my accident my pain level has decreased, I feel stronger and continue improving all the time. I’m really pleased with what Pilates has been doing for me and plan to keep working with it.



I have benefitted from Pilates in more ways than I can imagine. It has helped relieve issues related to chronic back problems, upper body mobility after breast cancer surgery, and accident rehabilitation that I didn’t think were possible. I am pleased with the results I have achieved with Tanya’s support, knowledge, determination, and individualized programming.

Karin in Sherkston


I originally injured by back 22 years ago. I was laid up for several days, but slowly got to the point where I was mobile again and could get back to my daily activities. I was told by my doctor that I had a bulging disc and would continue to have times where my back would go “out” on me and cause a great deal of pain. As the years went by these spells became more frequent and the pain more intense. Finally, about four years ago the pain was so bad I was stuck in bed for a few days and was becoming quite depressed about my situation. My doctor sent me for and MRI and some nerve testing. The results were that I have a herniated disc and pinched nerve on my left side. I was told to take it easy and started physiotherapy. I also went for injections into my spine to help alleviate the pain I was in. For the next year I had no improvement and was becoming more and more frustrated. This frustration led to mild depression and my whole life was affected by this.

Finally, in November 2010, I met with Tanya. She assessed my situation and made things very clear to me about what was going on in my back and what Pilates could do to help make it better. I have to say that since working with Tanya, my back is the best it has been in 22 years. She has shown me that if I am in pain, specific movements are going to help me. She has also provided ongoing support and I no longer get bummed out when my back is acting up (which is far less often than it once was) because I know she will help me get it back to a place of less discomfort. No more doom and gloom for me.

Lastly, as a bonus since starting Pilates, I have lost almost 20 pounds. I couldn’t be happier with the positive changes in my life as whole since I started Pilates with Tanya. I can’t say enough good things about her and about Pilates. My life is better because of it.

Jeff W


I walked into Tanya’s studio with back pain and fear. Afraid to move my body, afraid to be too active with my family, afraid I may have to give up my physically demanding job because I might injure my back. I was afraid to live my life the way I wanted to – an active and fully engaged life.

The changes were gradual. At first I could barely move without spasms in my back from tension I soon learned was caused by fear. But slowly things began to change. My shoulders would touch the bench when I lay on my back and the cramps and spasms were fewer and fewer in between.

Now I feel exhilarated when I leave the studio – my accomplishments very real. I love the Reformer and how I feel after my sessions. I am strong, powerful and full of life.

I am still not 100%, but I feel so much more in control of my body and my life. Tanya helped give me that back. I may still feel fear of the pain I once had, but Tanya has given me tools to help deal with it. I have better posture and a renewed way of thinking about moving my body.

The journey is not over, it has just begun. I am active once again, playing with my family, running, biking and swimming. I am no longer looking at giving up my job and my overall health, mind and body included, is better and better.

Thank you Tanya! I look forward to our sessions!

Janet T, Registered Practical Nurse


As a 42 year old female diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I struggled to come to terms with what this would mean for my future physical well-being. After my radical mastectomy, I experienced limited range of movement in my right arm due to extensive lymph node removal. It was then that I approached Tanya at Pilates Essentials Plus with the hope of restoring the use of my arm.

 Tanya’s carefully developed plan based on her knowledge of anatomy together with her passion for Pilates, helped restore not only my physical strength, but also my mental/psychological health. Holistic in her approach, Tanya understands the need to treat the whole person, rather than only the isolated body part. I would highly recommend Tanya, and her staff at Pilates Essentials Plus for fitness planning, and therapeutic rehabilitation.

Woman with Breast Cancer